About BIDS

The Bright Idea Design Studios is a revolutionary footwear design and development consultant company based in lively New York City and sun drenched South Florida. Our continued goal is to provide both superior quality and outstanding service to our customer base by way of our signature turnkey core design services. We specialize in the process of developing distinctive footwear and providing a successful finished product, which can be sold on the commercial market.  We are preferred partners at Modern Vice Studios, providing our clients access to one of the premier photo studios in NYC.

Mission Statement

Through innovative and impressive product design, Bright Idea Design Studios, Inc. is strongly committed to providing unique, specialty-branding opportunities to our valued clients. As a reputable design and product development leader, we deliver unprecedented service from design to delivery through our turn-key process that ensures quality at every step.

Who are our clients?

Our clients range from fortune 50 to 500 footwear companies, professional athletes, new brands, and small businesses that has an established brand in need of additional design support, or looking to develop a new footwear company.

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