Design Objectives

A clear understanding and description for any project will be determined after required discussions with the client. Our main objective is to understand the nature, goals and client expectations of the project to ensure an efficient design process within the given time frame.


Bright Ideas will start the process by developing a series of concepts for the client.  During this phase, there will be 2 or 3 concept review meetings that will take place between BIDS and the client.  The purpose of the meetings is to have the client review and narrow down each design until they have what is desired.



The purpose of this phase is to develop all of the support documents needed for the development phase of selected final designs for sampling.  These documents will include:

  • Upper Design - Tech Package: Measurements & applications, material & color selections, lining, and branding.
  • Midsole Design - Tech Package: Measurements & applications, color selections, textures, finishes, and branding.



The phase is the transition from 2D (dimensional) to 3D (dimensional).  Our goal during this phase is to take your design from paper to reality by way of creating samples and further developing them into a foundation.  Once the foundation (design pattern) has been established the next step will be to complete the shoe with the client's materials and colors of choice.



This phase is where we prepare your product for retail by putting it through a series of tests that will certify your product and complies with the parameters to sell on the commercial market.



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