Footwear Design and Development

Bright Idea Design Studios, Inc. has 10+ years of experience in consulting design and research upon which to build a knowledgeable base for innovative footwear development. Our specific goal is to provide our turnkey core service to assist our valued clients from design to manufacturing, ultimately supplying them with a successful product that can be sold on the commercial market.

Benefit of our services

The benefit of using Bright Idea Design Studios as your footwear or product design consultant company is:

  • We assist you with design, development and manufacturing all under one roof.
  • We can provide any of our core services separately.
  • Rather than hiring a fulltime design and development staff, BIDS becomes your staff and handles everything internally for a flat fee.
  • We can provide design and development relief if your current staff becomes overwhelmed with work projects.
  • We can provide development support in China, or your county of manufacturing and sourcing.

Bright Idea Design Studios encourages you to visit our projects page and view our portfolio of projects

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We also encourage you to visit our processes page to better understand how we service our clients.

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